ONDC Policy

Free Store on ONDC platform for Logas Customers

Logas is excited to offer a unique opportunity for our valued customers to open a free store on the Open Network of Digital Commerce (ONDC) through HappiStores ONDC seller market place. This initiative is designed to empower our customers and provide them with a platform to showcase and sell their products in the digital marketplace.

Eligibility: All Logas Customers will get a free store opened on ONDC.

Store Guidelines:
Products listed on the free store must comply with all legal requirements and standards. Logas reserves the right to review and approve the products before they are listed on ONDC. The customer is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of product information, including pricing, descriptions, and images. The free store must adhere to ONDC's terms of use and policies.

Duration and Renewal:
The free store will be active for a period of 6 months. Customers may apply for a renewal upon the expiration of the initial period. Logas reserves the right to review and approve or deny renewal applications.

Commission and Fees:
Logas will not charge any software subscription fees for the products sold through the free store during the first 6 months period. Further a minimal charge of Rs 2000/- per annum will be charged by Happistores to operate the store on ONDC network. Commission charges for the products sold through the free store will be as per the prevailing commission charges as set by Happistores and respective Buyer platform. Any changes to this policy, will be communicated to customers in advance.

Logas reserves the right to terminate a free store in case of policy violations, misuse, or any other breach of terms. Customers will be notified of the termination and provided with an opportunity to address and rectify the issues leading to termination. If a customer is not willing to operate/run the store on ONDC, the customer may inform the Logas team to deactivate the same by contacting the customer support number.

Changes to the Policy:
Logas reserves the right to make changes to this policy as needed. Customers will be notified of any changes in advance.

Contact Information:
For inquiries or assistance, please contact Customer Support.